Awakening the Poetic Soul in me…

Another Monday morning, outside my window, I see skylines
painted in an undulating combination of bright and dull orange
strung out across the sky tapering from black, to dark blue, to
purple. you hear birds chirping, probably up for the first worms .
The quietness of the morning, occasionally broken by whistles
of wind battling against the window panes, brings a certain

I cannot begin to describe what I’m feeling. I have things
to say, words to pen, stuffs to tell – but I’ve been putting it
off for so much longer than I expected myself to – and at
present, everything’s lodged in my head, with millions of
thoughts trying to claw their way out in a vicious competition.

I simply love writing. It’s been quite some time since I blog
something about my so called life.

Another Monday morning, I’m glad to say I don’t have Monday
blues and fortunately I have no work every Monday, I can just do
what I want to do on this busiest day of the week for most of
you, haha. Sippin’ coffee, relaxing, chillin’, Oh! How I love Mondays.
I just realized that instead of staring on my laptop, thinking
of what to do next in the virtual realm. Why not do one of the
things that I really love doing “WRITING”.

And just for a moment, when the word “writing” pops in my mind,
my heart starts beating so fast. Suddenly, my world, the world of
words, verse, rhyme, ode, sonnet, elegy, limerick, couplet,
epic… the world that I love, I’m into it again, once again –
and it begins to feel like home.

Undeniably, writing is one of my passion, it’s runs in my blood,
how I miss writing.

Another morning, another new day has dawn its way.
Another new day to rekindle the love that I have for writing.

Thank you my Creator, for awakening once again …
the Poetic Soul in me.


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