What’s the best way to kill boredom?

Hmmm, just like today?

Maybe, I’m not that bored or should I just say I have so much time in my hands that I don’t know what to do with it. I work 12 hours a week in the university, I accepted an extra job for the Microsoft IT class so additional 4 hours, in sum 16 hours a week of course plus the preparation for the lessons that I usually do at home.

Someone had told me a few minutes ago, that I’m bored with my life that’s why most of the time he’s the only one that I keep on bothering . Ouch it pinched my heart but just a pinched okay, not really a stabbed. But as I keep on thinking I realized, yeah maybe he’s right in a way, if there’s one thing I love about him is he’s so straight to the point in telling the truth even to the point that sometimes it hurts. I’m an outgoing person I enjoy being around with people I guess I won’t have a teaching career in the university if I’m not. But recently most of the time I stayed at home, sort of like being a home buddy. I love adventures, I’ve been in different places, traveled a variety of amazing scenery around the globe, I’m thankful to GOD for all of it. For all the blessings, for blessing me a career that I love doing, for my good circle of friends, for my family and a lot of reasons. Though there are times I still feel the emptiness.


He said, why don’t you try going back home and spend time with the people that you love and miss so much. It’s been ages since…

Suddenly, I was speechless.
The fact is he’s one of those people that I long to be with.

Yeah, why not, why can’t I?
If only, why am I hesitant? God knows how much I want to.
It’s kinda hard to explain, is it the shadows of …?
I know I have to face it sooner or later, am I ready?

I have to get out of my comfort zone, for a long time my second home has incessantly given me a peace of mind and heart.

I’m longing for their presence, technology can’t satisfy the longings of our hearts to be with the people that we love, yes it helps but still it only fills a part of it.

With a deep sigh, again I just tried to ignore it and convince myself it’s alright, this is just one of those “emo days” of mine, sooner I’ll get over it.

I know at the nook of my mind and deep in my heart the answer is their presence is my home.

Just like how the old saying goes “there’s no place like home“.


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