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Before I purchase a new gadget I usually do some research first which one’s the most trendy in the market today especially when it comes to features and style and windows phone 7 features caught my attention. I don’t usually want to spend bucks just by impulse buying which admittedly when it comes to shopping clothes, shoes and other stuff I’m kinda guilty of :D. This time before I buy one I want some change so I did some research first . I decided to post some articles about the latest in mobile technology. Check out Windows Phone 7.

Here Comes Windows Phone 7

12:50 AM – October 13, 2010 – by Devin Connors

They’re Here….

Windows Phone 7 is here, and Microsoft has hardware lined up for its new OS. HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG: check out the specs here.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, or WP7, arrives in the U.S. on November 8th, and Steve Ballmer and Co. certainly have the hardware to back up the latest (and, according to the company, greatest) smartphone operating system.

We’ve known about Windows Phone 7 for quite a while now, but the hardware wasn’t unveiled until a recent press conference. The OS will launch on ten phones worldwide, with six of those available in the U.S. AT&T seems to be the launch carrier of choice, but T-Mobile is also getting in on the fun. Sprint and Verizon won’t see any WP7 love until the first half of 2011, but one phone is already confirmed for Sprint.

The OS will launch with four hardware manufacturers on board, including HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG. None of these manufacturers are WP7-exclusive, however, as all four are either making Android-based phones already or are planning on it in the future.

Much like we’re doing with tablet PCs, Tom’s Guide will be covering Windows Phone 7 and its hardware like bee’s on a hive. Here we are going to examine the new WP7 handsets, according to manufacturer, to see how the feature sets compare. We will also give you a look at the handset bound for overseas, and see how similar or dissimilar it is to its American brethren.

WP7 and HTC

Windows Phone 7 is here, and Microsoft has hardware lined up for its new OS. HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG: check out the specs here.

HTC has made serious headway in the smartphone arena over the last several years. From their fantastic Android devices like the EVO 4G, T-Mobile G2, Nexus One and Droid Incredible to phones like the HD2 that make even the older, less-favored operating systems (WinMo 6.5) look good, HTC is hitting the ground running with WP7.

HTC’s flagship WP7 phone is the HD7, without a doubt. This mammoth device is much like the EVO 4G and HD2 that preceded it, offering a gigantic 4.3-inch, 480×800 screen, speedy 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, and 8 or 16 GB of storage. The camera is a 5 MP sensor with autofocus, dual LED flash and 720p video recording.When HTC launched the HD2 on T-Mobile, plenty of smartphone lover simply asked “why?”. Why pair a superb piece of hardware with a dated OS like WinMo 6.5? Come November, no one will be asking anymore, because T-Mobile will finally have a Windows phone worth buying.

Next up is the HTC 7 Surround, which is one of the two really unique phone that WP7 is launching with. The AT&T-bound hardware is the same as the HD7 except for the screen, which comes in at 3.8-inches but still keeps that big and beautiful 480×800 resolution. so what’s the catch? Well, the Surround lives up to its name by including a slide-out Yamaha-designed speaker that support Dolby Digital surround sound.

Phone manufacturers and carriers alike are really pushing smartphones are go-to media devices, especially for watching HD video, so including some higher-end speakers is the next logical step. Sure, these speakers probably won’t stand up to a solid pair of headphones (especially if you’re on a plane) but it’s a step in the right direction.

One feature that HTC seems to be including in most of its phones these days is the kickstand, which allows the phone to sit on a table, propped up, for easier video watching and photo viewing. Both the HD7 and the Surround have a kickstand (the HD7 has two, because it’s that enormous).

Finally, we have the HTC 7 Pro, a slider due for Sprint at some point in 2011. The Pro is rocking the same internals as the aforementioned, yet again, but in a slick, Touch Pro 2-style slider body. The screen has the same 480×800 resolution, but it’s chopped down a notch to 3.6-inches. Of the five WP7 phones that HTC is launching worldwide, the Pro is the only device with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Luckily, it’s keeping the same Snapdragon processor and 16 GB of storage, so the only sacrifice you have to make for the Pro is screen size, and 3.6-inches is still plenty of pixel real estate.

HTC also has two international WP7 phones coming out this year – the Mozart and the Trophy. Both are headed for Asia and Europe on varying carriers. Both phones have similar hardware except for the camera and display. The Mozart packs an 8 MP camera with Xenon flash and 720p video, along with a 480×800 3.7-inch LCD display. The Trophy sports a slightly bigger LCD display (3.8-inches) with the same 480×800 res, but its camera is dialed back to 5 MP.

Samsung: Omnia Goes Windows

Image via Engadget

With the recent launch of its Android-packing Galaxy S hardware, Samsung has proven to the world that it can make a mean smartphone. While the company is certain to keep up its efforts with Google’s Android and its own Bada OS, Samsung is also taking the plunge with WP7.

Samsung is bringing two WP7 phones to market in 2010 – one for America (Focus) and one for Europe (Omnia 7). The two phones have very different looks, with the Focus maintaining a very rounded body and the Omnia being a perfect rectangle. Both are touchscreen-only, so no QWERTY keyboards here. Aesthetics aside, both phones share the same internals, which include a 1 GHz processor, 8 GB of storage, and a beautiful 4-inch 800×480 AMOLED display (the same as on the Galaxy S line).

If the recent Android hardware is any indication, then the Omnia 7 and Focus are worthy of the Samsung name. Their respective displays will be among the best around, and the other hardware specs are nothing to sneeze at, either.

Dell: New Phone on the Block

Dell is the new kid in class when it comes to phones, but judging from what little we’ve seen so far, its new phones are sure to make a few heads turn. While other WP7 and Android devices are expected down the road in 2011, the T-Mobile-bound Venue Pro is Dell’s WP7 launch offering.

The Venue Pro has the distinction of being the only WP7 launch phone with a portrait QWERTY keyboard. This phone looks incredibly sharp, and the design has an almost carbon fiber look to it (on the back, at least). As for the hardware, storage is still up in the air, but Dell is giving you a 4.1-inch 480×800 display and a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.

When the Venue Pro comes to market, its AMOLED display is sure to make it a favorite amongst the smartphone-savvy public. As for the portrait QWERTY design, it seems to be the only WP7 device of that nature. That said, it seems like each major OS now has a portrait slider, with the Palm Pre 2 (webOS) and Motorola Droid Pro (Android) on the horizon, and the BlackBerry Torch already available from AT&T. At that point, it really comes down to which OS you like the most, especially since the Droid Pro, Venue Pro and Pre 2 will all be rocking some serious hardware (1 GHz CPUs, 512 MB RAM, and so on).


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