A Lifelong Dream – Writing a Book, How? Just WRITE.

One of my lifelong dream is to write a book, admittedly I’m a frustrated writer. Recently, I’m having a strong urge to start, I’m keeping a journal of my experiences and been thinking about writing a book, perhaps for such a long time, I’ve already got a head full of  ideas for books and a file folder full of my writings.

The big question is ” Where do I start?”.

Reminds me of a story.

At a cocktail party, a brain surgeon met a best-selling author. The brain surgeon said to the author, “When I retire I want to be a writer.” and the author replied, “When I retire I want to be a brain surgeon.”

Few years ago, I remember an offer that I got from one of my very good Chinese friends here, she asked me if I’m interested to be one of the authors/contributors in a magazine for overseas Chinese, a lifestyle magazine. But that time I’m way too busy so I declined it. Now looking back, I somehow regret missing that chance, on the other hand  I also don’t want to compromise myself into something if I know for myself I won’t have ample time for it.I don’t want to be a crammer especially when it comes to writing because for me Writing is a PASSION. When I do something I give my full attention, my heart into it, I just don’t want to do it just for the sake of doing it.

The most common excuse that people use for not writing  is being too busy with the hustle and bustle of life , and yes! that’s my excuse that I’m too busy to write (hahaha!). I just realized that the only way to start writing a book is to START WRITING, PERIOD. No buts and ifs. Just write.

I’m telling myself,


Quoting what I have read from Book Coach Press…

” A potter does not start with a finished pot. A potter starts with mixing the clay, then throws it on the wheel, then shapes the pot. This is the main key to overcoming writer’s block. Where to start writing is where you are right now, wherever that is. Be a potter. Get your book ideas out onto paper or into your computer. Before you know it, you will be crafting your writing into your published book.”


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