BAD WORDS in English

English Words that you MUST AVOID saying in PUBLIC.

If you want you can download this VIDEO for better understanding:  this one with SPONGE BOB saying bad words

Today its a very complicated and not so usual subject, but in my opinion this subject must be discussed and presented – The Bad Words in English. Those ones that don´t like to talk about this, my sincere APOLOGIES. However, this subject is very important and relevant in this globalized world we live in where movies and songs with obscene language use to invade our homes and consequently our schools and our classrooms, (unfortunately).

All and any language of the world has its forbidden or bad words, and they are censored when they are spoken on the streets or in public places. For more and detailed information about BAD WORDS, You can visit the site “The Alternative Dictionaries”. This site is an Online Dictionary that have “Bad words, vulgar expressions, obscenities, etc in several languages around the world. There are four groups of words that are considered “taboo words” (words that must be avoided in any circumstances):

Remember that it is not because you listen to them or read them in movies and songs that you will start to say them everywhere you are or repeating them all the time like they were the most normal and common thing to do with those words in the world. Below is a list of the most offensive bad words in the English language, have a look.

Rank of the worst “bad words” of the English Language:

Accordingly with the search made by BBC – British Broadcasting Television – principal Broadcasting TV in the UK the “Bad words” below are the worse of the English language (at least for the british).

This list start with the less offensive and goes to the more offensive ones.
Bad Words BBC Ranking
1. Cunt
2. Motherfucker
3. Fuck
4. wanker
5. Nigger
6. Bastard
7. Prick
8. Bollocks
9. Asshole
10. Paki

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