Staring at a Blank Wall.

It is true that we have become calloused of the the things in life we have become accustomed to. A difficult premise without feeling guilty, taking things around us for granted.

Just this late afternoon, I found myself staring at a blank white painted wall which I took for granted for quite sometime. I’d passed this wall almost everyday of my life but for now I looked at it in a different way.It’s just like my eyes were deeply attracted to its simplicity and individuality.

Blank Wall
Blank Wall

Clock ticks, still I keep myself staring at a blank white wall.

Yes, I just did it over and over again. Allowing time to passed, staring at the wall in front of me. Letting my thoughts to viciously escape from my being.

Sometimes, though, there’s just the blank wall to stare, though there are no patterns to see though it all just looks blank…

I found beauty in it’s nothingness.

Plain, simple, pure.

Unclogging one’s mind. Freeing oneself.

Going back to basics, going back to simplicity.

The wall is just blank, where answers are nowhere to be found, nor even questions.

Just like in life we don’t always have the answers, or even where to look for it.And as we look all the harder, the more we can’t find what we’re seeking.

Because we’re looking at pointless directions, leading into a wrong journey. We can’t find it because we’re not seeking for the right way.

Aren’t you tired of seeking self-glory?

Aren’t you tired of living life just for yourself?

Aren’t you tired of loving yourself too much?

Aren’t you tired filling your walls with so many vain things, complicated patterns, running through and through?

Wherein everything just leads to selfishness filled with patterns of I, myself and me.

Look around, stare at your walls, what do you see?

I hope you recognize, you’re not alone, that this life is not all about you.

Sometimes we just have to admit the wall is blank.

Sometimes now is the best time to amend changes for new beginnings.

So if once again we stare at a blank wall, I hope now we’ll see the happiness of life through it’s simplicity and purity.


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