New Addiction – Black Jelly

 I’m addicted.

Addicted to what? Black jelly.

We have “sago’t gulaman ” in Pinas, the Americans have Jell-O, here they have  black jelly also known as grass jelly. It is a black, slimy blob, does not look palatable at all. The jelly has a mild herbal taste since it is made from boiling a Chinese herb commonly  as chin chow.

Grass jelly (Chinese: 涼粉 liáng fěn or 燒仙草shāo xiān cǎo; Minnan (Hokkien): 仙草 sian-chháu;  Malay: cincau) is a type of food with a Jelly -like consistency that is used in China and  Southeast Asia in drinks and desserts. 

Interesting it is also a drink known as Michael Jackson in South East Asia.

Today I bought some at the convenience store. It is sold in cans or packets in Asian supermarkets.

I tried to do  my own recipe.


It is some very firm black jelly bits with some softer white nata de coco bits and  ice cubes. It makes for a refreshing dessert especially after eating such tasty meals having  a kind of herbal taste.  A good choice for merienda.


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