December -The Month of the Year- Reflections

God's word. Trust and Obey.
God’s word.
Trust and Obey.

December the month of the year…

Though the temperature has been dropping rapidly, the festive feeling keeps on soaring high.

2013 memories… lessons… reflections.

God's blessing- our Church wedding, two lives united in God's love :)
God’s blessing-
our Church wedding
two lives united in God’s love. 🙂
one happy couple pre-nuptial shots. loved this one :)
one happy couple
pre-nuptial shots
loved this one 🙂
God’s marvelous blessing
our new house
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord ! (Joshua 24:15)
Winter 2013 with my student Joanne 🙂

Being full of holiday spirit, how I miss home and for this year an amazing blessing has been answered by our good Lord, I’ll be home for Christmas, yehey! .

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! ( hahaha!)

I haven`t been active here on my blog for a while, soaked into the hustle and bustle of life .

A lot of amazing things I wish I’ve posted all of it in details, I’ve been doing some journaling, like an epistle of my personal journey with God in this life.

So many changes, blessings, celebrations as in A LOT for the year 2013.

One of these days, I’ll post mine soon.

How about you? Take some dedicated time before the  New Year,  sit down and think about the past year. Reflect and  ponder where you are and where you’ve been. Share a few things you learned, embrace the gift of life, inspire others. Nothing will better inform and shape how you embrace your new year than a good, honest  reflection.

Reflect upon what God did on your life, how you felt, what you learned.

Let’s welcome 2014 with a grateful heart,

a heart full of happiness filled with God’s abundant love.


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