You have not walked in my shoes, who are you to judge me wrongly?

Writing has always been and will always be a good therapy for me.

For this time I choose to vent my feelings rather than staying in silence.

Expressing my thoughts on things that are getting out of control need to find their way out of my mind.

I’m telling you right straight to your face, YOU DON’T KNOW ME!

I’ve only met you once and that doesn’t give you any right to judge me and say awful things about me. Don’t put the blame on me; don’t drop my name most especially in a public profile where the rest of the world can see it. And as of the moment I’m really, really pissed off because of what you did.

Who are you to judge me wrongly? Do you know my life? Do you know what I’ve been thru?

Are we even close enough for you to drag my name in a pit where you are in?

You don’t know what I’ve felt or what I feel right now. So, find something better to do with your time than making your wrong judgments. You know nothing about me. You have not been down my road.
Remember you have not cried my tears; you have not carried my cross.
Do you think you know my story?
Do you think you know me? You don’t even know me.
I will not step down to your level; I’m not that kind of person. Yes, I’m venting out my thoughts now, but I chose not to drag your name in public because I still have decency, I can do that if I want to but I prefer not to.

I don’t know if that word is even in your vocabulary, decency doesn’t reflect in your attitude. Putting my name on the spotlight filled with your wrong judgments defies your purpose of putting my life into shame. The embarrassment falls back on you, just like a boomerang.

I seldom get angry, unless you’ve really stretched my patience to its limit. I tried to be fair and understand the situation the best that I can – but you have stretched my limits. You have step into the barrier where your words are too degrading, damaging to my reputation. Don’t pass the blame on people even to me for what’s happening in your life, the consequences of your choices you must take the responsibility. I can look straight to your eyes without any guilty feelings. I’m not a hypocrite just like what you’re trying to tell and broadcast to everyone, if ever I help people I’m not expecting anything in return, I don’t ask them to be in debt of me because I myself had been in challenging situations wherein generous hands helped me in different trials I had been through. So why should I act as one that’s too proud because I was able to lend a hand to some? Each time I have chances to help someone I take it as a blessing because the Almighty chooses me to be a channel of blessing for them. It’s not because of my own goodness but because of God’s goodness in my life.

So, DON’T rush to your wrong judgments on an issue when YOU DON”T KNOW ME AT ALL.

Think a thousand times before you speak, sometimes saying things without thinking very often a thoughtless remark may hurt others’ feelings or cause a misunderstanding or an embarrassment. We must, therefore, always think before we speak.

If there’s one thing I always avoid myself to get into that is to get MAD. Well, to be honest I believe I reached my boiling point, it has reached to a certain extent wherein it’s about to explode, and I want it to explode straight to your face.

Most of the time I’ve tried to take control of my feelings, most especially anger because when I’m mad, there are times I feel I have absolutely no control over a situation, feelings of powerlessness. If I try to express what’s in me and you never even bothered to listen, I would just keep silent and I might never try to open up again. Silence will engulf the totality of me. But this time it’s different. This situation is a test for me. I still feel the anger because of what you did, though I know I should always have an open, humble and forgiving heart but sometimes it’s really difficult especially if that “trying to be fair attitude” will just be hypocrisy.

It reminds me of the old French saying “tout comprendre est tout pardonner” –
to understand everything is to forgive everything.” It is so easy to make wrong judgments about a person on a superficial level without understanding what is behind a person acting as she does. Sometimes what you don’t know about a person is more significant than what you do, on a slight acquaintance.

I’ve been ridiculed…
I’ve been persecuted…
I’ve been abused…
I’ve been lost…
I’ve been vulnerable…
And I’ve been at my worst.

Through all my pains…
Through all my nightmares…
Through all my failures…
Through all my anxieties…
Through all my loneliness…
Through all my weaknesses…

His Word comforted me.

It has been a steep, rocky road and I’ve been wounded along the way. But I’m telling you my heart just won’t give up! I had chosen this road, because God has chosen me first.

I have to finish the fight. I won’t give up. People like you can’t put me down.

God knows the truth. I gain my strength from Him.

Remember, you have not walked in my shoes, you were not there at all. Take time to judge yourself before judging anyone else.

In Matthew 7:4-5, Jesus says, ” Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

A good judge will not fail to judge himself. DON’T rush into your wrong judgments, for judgments should be rendered compassionately and in conformity with the facts.

You have not walked in my shoes, you were not there at all.


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