I can’t help to post the mouth-watering Dunkin Donuts flavors during my vacation in South Korea, I have passed by dozens of places throughout our journey here and it’s “plentiful “. I always dine-in to try out their donut craze list matching it with a variety of ice cold or hot coffee. Last night my hubby gave me a dozen together with an Iced-Moccha Latte coffee, thank you my dear Jo (special mention lolz) such a sweet treat. They are so unique, savory and healthy flavored as well but it’s still just a yummy donut. Check it out guys.

cheesy heart shaped donut m

mini-donuts donuts – variety, loved the cute banana shaped donut 😉

spinach flavored donut =D as anticipated the dough is color green ^-^

glazed tofu, carrot, and broccoli – unique flavors haha =D floating marshmallows an added treat 😉

“HandDrip” coffee filters – something new for me just tried it it’s so good…

Hand Drip coffee a box of four filters,  goes for W5000, eight for W10000.

A Dunkin Donut’s chain in Seoul inside… 

With all of these savory, healthy and hilarious choices why wouldn’t I, myself and anyone stop in for a dozen all day treats and now I understand why donut chains are increasingly popular in Korea. So if you’re ever in Korea, be sure to enjoy good donuts, good coffee with good company.

Did I make you feel somewhat hungry? haha.

Grab a donut now.

Riz (thinking) Dunkin Donuts should somehow compensate me for this post. Dunkin Donuts Marketing Department replied “Okay, no problem. All year round free supply of donuts however – it’s all GLAZED TOFU flavor

bwahaha…” 😛


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